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About Us:

YTT LLC presents an efiling solution for Form 2290 that keeps in mind the business of driving trucks. We understand that this business runs on important timelines—not everyone can dash around town filing paperwork or even haggling with complex software programs—and so we have created a system that combines the efficiency of the web with one-on-one support.

Our team is built on the collaboration of software engineers and tax law experts with over 15 years of providing tax solutions that make sense for the end user. Software experience goes back more than a decade, much of which is tax-based, including work we have done with H&R block to build software for personal and business tax use. We are in the business of creating speed filing systems, and we have now created a solution for truck drivers who want to file the Form 2290, pay the heavy vehicle use tax, and be done with it. YourTruckTax is fast becoming the product of choice for filing the required paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service and meeting your obligation as a professional in the trucking industry. Satisfied customers have commended the product for its ease of use and simple navigation.

Our commitment is to provide a platform that eliminates problems found with many other systems available. Our commitment is to make your life easier.

Here are some of the enhanced features that set us apart from the competition:

  • Immediate Schedule 1—We realize that as an operating truck driver, you need immediate processing and receipt of your Schedule 1. This has always been the main disadvantage with filing Form 2290 by mail. Our system acknowledges the value of time by giving you a printable Schedule 1 within 10 to 20 minutes of filing.
  • Better Navigation - YTT has built the site in order to be easily navigated by people who do not spend all their time online, bridging the gap between the software experts who created our system and the end users. Customers can easily browse through convenient “how it works” panels on each page, creating a system for easily determining the next user action as you move throughout our website.
  • Context Sensitive Help – To further assist users, our software team has built in context sensitive help at the click of a mouse. As you navigate through data, you can now get a description of what you need to do along with an example on what to enter in the edit box or for the selected option.
  • Responsive Support Team – While the system has been built to make it as easy as possible, we do also realize that every case is unique and problems inevitably arise, no matter how streamlined the platform. For this reason, we have made it simple for you to Contact YTT support via email from every screen on our site.

The end result is a simple solution to a complex business problem—an easy and secure efile process that caters to the unique needs of truckers. We are here to serve the men and women who provide the backbone of our nation. Welcome to YourTruckTax.com.