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What is Truck Tax and Why Do You Need It?


Everyone has to pay taxes in order to fund public services, like education and transportation.  But did you know that there is a truck tax for those who drive heavy trucks on public roads?  This is called the heavy vehicle use tax, or HVUT, and it is collected yearly.  For truck driving companies, filing this tax can be a time-consuming burden.  In order to streamline this tax filing process for companies, Your Truck Tax has developed software that makes it easy to e-file the Form 2290.  Before you get started with our easy tax filing process, it is important to understand what the truck tax is and why we all need it.  


What Is Truck Tax?


The HVUT, commonly known as the truck tax, is a federal tax collected on any heavy vehicle that is operating on public highways at a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more.  This tax is then used to fund highway and transportation construction projects in order to update and replace transportation infrastructure.  


Who Pays It?


Anyone who has a heavy highway motor vehicle registered under their name or their business must pay the HVUT truck tax.  This requires filing the Form 2290 in addition to paying the truck tax associated with the weight of your vehicle.  The maximum amount of truck tax any driving company will pay is $550, no matter the weight of the vehicle.  You must fill out Form 2290 once a year.  If you have a new vehicle, you must file Form 2290 by the last day of the month in which you begin driving your vehicle.  


Why Do You Need It?


When the IRS collects the HVUT truck tax, they allocate the money to the states.  The states then use the money to increase and repair public transportation infrastructure.  Anyone who travels on public roads, highways, and bridges benefits from the collection of this tax.  This truck tax impacts any individual, organization, or industry that relies on public transportation routes.  


How Do You File for It?


You need to make sure that you are filing your HVUT truck tax in order to avoid costly fines.  When the tax preparation process and filing Form 2290 is difficult for you to perform, consider hiring a tax practitioner to assist you.  They will ensure that the correct forms are properly filled out and filed with the IRS, and they will do so in a timely fashion.  


The HVUT truck tax is important to keeping our roads safe and reliable.  When you file your Form 2290 with Your Truck Tax, you will realize how easy it is to file your truck tax.  Our IRS certified software only requires three easy steps.  Stop wasting your valuable time filing your truck tax, and instead trust us to help you file your tax in just a few minutes.  Contact us today to get started for this year's tax season.