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Five Ways That Your Truck Tax Can Simplify Your Filing

When it comes to getting truck taxes done, finding ways to make the process quicker and easier might seem impossible. Let’s be honest: the tax codes can be challenging to understand, even for seasoned professionals. At Your Truck Tax, we aim to take as much of the tax-related stress off your shoulders as possible. Your Truck Tax understands the ins and outs of IRS Form 2290. Here are five ways that our system can simplify your tax filing process.

Simplifying Your Filing Way #1: Filing From Anywhere at Anytime

The first way that using Your Truck Tax can simplify the filing process comes down to convenience. When you start the process of filing with us, you aren’t limited by office hours. Since our entire filing system is online, you don’t need to make an appointment or go anywhere. We understand how important it is for you to complete your taxes whenever and wherever you are. At Your Truck Tax, we make the process of filing IRS Form 2290 simple. Collect your documents, your payment method, and get the process done. You can even start and stop your taxes if necessary. We’ll help you at any point in the process--guaranteed!

Simplifying Your Filing Way #2: Our Experts Know Code 2290

The second way that our team makes the truck tax process simple comes down to your protections. At Your Truck Tax, we employ former IRS tax agents who understand the tax code inside and out. These professionals will take multiple looks at your tax documents to ensure that no errors have occurred. Our experts will double- and triple-check your return before we submit it to the IRS. Our team understands the complicated nature of the tax filing process. We strive to prevent your return from being flagged for an audit, but we’ve got your back if an audit is required.

Simplifying Your Filing Way #3: Becoming A Member Makes It Even Easier

The third way that Your Truck Tax makes filing easier comes down to the benefits that you earn as a member. Memberships to Your Truck Tax are available for individuals and fleets alike. Filing taxes is challenging enough without added complications or other possible snafus. Since the process is completely virtual, your taxes can be started, finished, and filed on your schedule. Memberships are available at two levels of annual membership depending on the size of their fleet: $199.99 if you own 1-24 trucks, and $349.99 if you own 25 or more trucks. When you file your return, a small filing fee will be added, but that’s it. Taxes are done with no surprises.

Simplifying Your Filing Way #4: Being Organized Saves Time and Energy

The fourth way that Your Truck Tax simplifies filing form 2290 involves getting and staying organized. This part of the plan involves you and how you work. Traditionally, truck drivers have their entire day-to-day life in the cab of their trucks. This can lead to a mess of maintenance reports, mileage trackers, fuel receipts, and other clutter. Over the last several years, the trucking industry has been moving to digital logging. As a result, tax filing has followed close behind. A best practice for you and your team: find a digital filing system that works for you and stick to it. Doing this makes the process of electronically completing your truck tax form 2290 easy.

Simplifying Your Filing Way #5: Personal Tax Returns Are Included

The fifth way that Your Truck Tax makes the form 2290 process easier and better comes with an added bonus. As a member of Your Truck Tax, you’ll get all of the benefits we’ve already discussed and more. When you file with form 2290 with us, you’ll be able to file your personal taxes absolutely free. You might be wondering if you have to file both types of taxes at the same time and that answer is simple--NO!

Since tax form 2290 is due at different times, we provide flexible options for completing your taxes. The tricky thing about truck taxes is that they are due at different times depending on when the truck in question was purchased. Your IRS form 2290 is due on the last day of the month on the first month you started using said truck. For example, a truck purchased in October 2020 will have taxes due on November 30, 2020. Partnering with us can relieve your anxieties and worries about the tax process. It will also save you a ton in late fees and other penalties.

Your Truck Tax: Tax Experts in Your Corner 24/7

Now that you’ve seen the five ways that Your Truck Tax can simplify your filing process, what are you waiting for? Our team is ready to assist you throughout the tax filing process. Becoming a member and getting your taxes done is fast, easy, and secure. When you’re working hard to keep the world moving, the last thing you want to worry about is getting your taxes filed. When you become a member of Your Truck Tax, you can let your worries drift away. Don’t wait another minute--contact us today!