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What federal excise taxes apply to trucks used in my construction business?

There are two federal excise taxes that apply to trucks:

  • There is an excise tax when you purchase a new truck. It is added to the purchase price of your truck. The dealer is responsible for collecting the tax from the purchaser and filing the tax form and remitting the tax to the government.
  • There is also a federal excise tax imposed annually on heavy vehicles (trucks, truck tractors, and buses) that use public highways. The tax applies to vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 55,000 pounds or more. The GVW is the total loaded weight of the truck in combination with its trailer.

Your VIN (vehicle identification number), your EIN (employer identification number). The IRS does not accept your social security number for identification purposes on IRS 2290.

Whether you are leasing or buying a truck, you are responsible for filing and paying the 2290 Heavy Use Tax. If the vehicle is registered to you, you’d better be sure the tax is taken care of! If you bought a used truck, you are only required to pay the tax for the time period after you took possession of the truck- the former owner is required to pay the tax for the months prior to selling it to you. If, however, the former owner didn’t pay, the IRS expects you to pay the full amount owed.

Filing IRS 2290 is simple and easy. IRS 2290 form can be e-filed with us and you will get your schedule-1 within 30 minutes on acceptance from IRS.

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